After cremation disappears artificial hip in new car

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At Ortho Metals in Meppel they do extraordinary work. Metal that remains in crematoria in Europe and America, such as artificial hips and knee devices, is carefully sorted and resold.


On the one hand, Jan-Willem Gabriels very proud of his company that recycles metals that remain after cremation. On the other hand, he realizes that what his company for some is taboo. ,, Every step we take in this industry, we do extremely careful. "

A factory like countless others. Just lie here in Meppel 'products' with an emotional charge.Large bags full of artificial hips, artificial knees. Screws and nails and coffin handles. ,, We go there with respect to them, '' said Gabriel. ,, Everyone realizes that during and after a cremation done things, you might prefer not to know.

But if you explain people's sin and bad for the environment to throw away an artificial hip or stop underground, often'll be understanding. Yes, we run a business here, but one where you take into account emotions. In England was, when we started in 2005, almost everyone at our work. Today they are upset if a crematorium metal dumps under the ground. ''

The Ortho Metals truck drives all over Europe. Without advertising, unrecognizable. ,, You do not arrive at a crematorium where a service where people can see that we are containers of metal loading. ''

Dutch crematoria are visited once or twice a year. A crematorium with about 2,000 cremations per year, 4 to 5 containers of 140 liters for the metal. Which are then brought to Meppel. Since sorting machines and people after the metal delivered to smelters. The material is, among other things used in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Or the sinister work? ,, No, no ', "says Gabriel. ,, We do our work with respect, but we can not even deal with any artificial hip with kid gloves. It is a business. ""

The Gabriel's father started the company in 1997 with Ruud Verberne. Ortho Metals is still the only company in the world that focuses exclusively on metals from crematoria. ,, My father was in his early 90s wondering what would happen with an artificial hip after a cremation. He discovered that there is nothing in all that metal was done, while it does have value. As this business grew out of. ''

Recently, the director was called by a Belgian who was offering for sale an artificial hip. ,, He thought that it was worth thousands of euros. An operation where you get such a hip replacement, is costly. But it does not work. You pay particularly for the surgical procedure, not for the metal. That's after remelting almost worthless. About 20 cents in this case. "

Can Dutch Anyway prosthesis reclaim after cremation? ,, In some crematoria can, in others not. But what can you do with it afterwards? ''

The co-director has also thought about his own death. ,, If I want to be myself cremated?That's company policy ... "" Very occasionally, death comes too close in Meppel. The Gabriel's father died a few years ago at the age of 64. ,, He has deliberately make a coffin with no metal. So he would not end up in our company ... ''

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