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The declaration scandal surrounding the Central Works Council (CWC) of the police, which include former police chief Gerard Bouman had a role, according to "disproportionate" scale.


This is evident from an exploratory study on the spree in 2015 this afternoon presented by the current chief of the National Police, Erik Akerboom. Reporter Peter Winterman twittered live.

,, From an orderly process of budgeting, spending and accountability is actually never existed. Moreover, there were year after year exceeded the already sizeable budgets allocated . This is partly explained by the fact that the COR and the corps as a whole were in a phase of building, '' pole concludes in his report.

,, The expenses were disproportionate, '' the police chief filled during his press conference.He gave high spending in restaurants, expensive motivational events and an exorbitant party at the Amstel Hotel as examples. Critically missing from the police top.

In police circles suggests that Bouman the CWC with the mega-budget 'bribed' so tough decision press. His unpopular decisions taken during the reorganization of the National Police, which could be put through the adoption of the COR.

Boom and Minister Van der Steur have Bouman informed yesterday about the investigation into his actions. ,, It has a great impact on him, '' said pole.

Pole claims to have tightened the budget process' on some important points. " ,, But to avoid repetition, it is also necessary that a lot more than is now reflected on their own performance and measure each other. ''

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