Convicted real estate broker Jan-Dirk Paarlberg wants to avoid prison

Gepubliceerd op 2 november 2016 om 12:15

The convicted real estate broker Jan-Dirk Paarlberg trying to avoid Wednesday in a lawsuit that he was again on Sunday to report to prison. During the session, which has just begun, the lawyer argues that Paarl Mountain is too ill to be imprisoned.


The State against whom the lawsuit was filed accepts that Paarlberg has medical problems - an extremely high blood pressure at times of stress - but finds that he can be well cared for in the prison hospital in Scheveningen. Paarl Mountain has to serve a sentence of four years, among others because of the diversion of seventeen million afpersgeld.

As this newspaper revealed on Friday Paarlberg must report next Sunday at the prison gate. The lawyer of Paarl Mountain, Mr. Joske the King, the session this morning trying to leave behind closed doors. That request was rejected.

Paarlberg was not present. He brought himself to appear at parties through public and publicly in trouble. This while his sentence was suspended because Paarlberg own words is sick.

The Telegraph Editors: Photo: Reuters

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