King: Research MH17 hardest ever

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CANBERRA - The criminal investigation into the crash of MH17 is the hardest thing ever made by the Dutch Justice. That said King Willem-Alexander Wednesday during the third day of the state visit in Australia.


In a meeting with a delegation of Australian aid workers in the parliament building in Canberra, he thanked the services for their work after the crash of the plane disaster. Some of them helped with the aftermath in the Netherlands.

Parliament President Smith recalled in a speech at the time the "terrible tragedy took place during a meeting of the Australian House of Representatives and the enormous impression it made at that time. He thanked the king for the leadership that the Netherlands showed after the disaster and the way our country arranged the honorable repatriation of the victims.

The investigation into the cause of the disaster MH17 is the most complex investigation that has ever done the Dutch Justice, the king entrusted the existing workers. Just before he and his wife Máxima with a wreath pays tribute to the tomb of the unknown soldier and stood at the monument to the Bali bombings. The monument to the Australian victims of MH17 was attended, described by the king as a moving experience for him and his wife.

Netherlands and Australia have agreed to strengthen mutual ties, including for the aftermath of MH17 and a future free trade agreement between Australia and the European Union. The foreign ministers of the two countries will each do so in conversation with each other annually.

Subsequently left the royal procession to the house of Governor General Cosgrove, the representative of head of state Queen Elizabeth in Australia. As Willem-Alexander inspected the guard of honor and was ante and ex listened to the national anthem. At the state luncheon that followed, recalled the king still is shown in part on the 17th-century marble floor of the palace on the Dam Australia, under the name "Nova Hollandia '." Every time I go on that floor walk , those words still feel a bit presumptuous, "the king said in his speech."Like this continent did not know whether civilization thousands of years. A civilization that deserves respect as the planet's oldest living culture. "

Queen Máxima was wearing a striking orange dress for the occasion, which was immediately noticed by the governor general. One day when I could no different today, the queen smiled.

The pair is only one day in the capital Canberra and makes his debut tonight in Sydney. In the world-famous opera house are Australian dignitaries treated to a piano concert of the brothers Jussen.

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