Group Gerritsen also suspected now

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The Romanian suspects in the fatal brawl at the Wallen Robert Gerritsen as the victim may await trial in freedom.


Five friends of the dead Voort Dutchman other hand, are also considered suspects of public violence.

Eastern European trio Mirci Mr. Marian D. and M. Stefanel early October was held in Brussels and handed over to the police. The prosecutor wanted the twenty-three months longer hold, but got more for it this week from the court permission.

The death of Gerritsen on Saturday September 3 caused huge fuss. While attending a bachelor party on the Ramparts of his best friend he would close sex house Casa Rosso on Oudezijdsachterburgwal have to stop an argument between his group of friends and the Romanians. A hard punch or kick would have been fatal.

That version seems tilted final. While the Gelderland village mourned in silent for Gerritsen and his spirit still went through the wedding of his best friend, police vlooide hundreds of hours of camera images through.

The conclusion is that the Voorthuizerstraat group does not go unpunished during the brawl.They have already heard, the prosecution confirmed.

From images show the ten men who participated to hunt about the bachelor party, indeed the Romanians the Wallen. The 'man with the forelock, "as the 21-year-old Mirci M. was called at the Detection Verzocht television program, had the defense of his compatriots.They got punch. Incidentally, they shared themselves emit the necessary and stumps.

The court will soon have clear images of the police cameras and entrepreneurs. There will not be much doubt about who did what during the brawl. It is, however, provide the question of whether the images brightness over the fate of fatal Gerritsen. The final report from the pathologist about the exact cause of death of the 32-year-old tiler is still awaited. Then it becomes clear whether the brawl or anything else become fatal.

The lawyers Ivo Rigter and Hugo Bakker of Bakker office, Rigter & Rove Erman find it a good thing that the image of their clients Mirci M. and Marian D. tilts through the qualification of the Voorthuizerstraat of friends as suspects. Rigter: ,, Our clients have only defended. Of course it is not for us but for the court to determine that after extensive research. "

The Telegraph Editors: Photo: BOUWMAN, RENE

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