Friend criminal: bullets mistaken murder were to me

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After the murder of the Amsterdam DJ and programmer Djordy Latumahina (31), on 8 October in the presence of his girlfriend (30) and daughter (2) was shot, the Amsterdam police chief spoke of a "mistaken murder: was the wrong person to have died. Panorama talked to an agent about "Carlos", who is convinced that the bullets were for him.


There are few people who know who was to be killed rather than Latumahina. According to Panorama is to declare that: ,, the target is someone who also is not in the criminal environment and which appear every interest in not by name in the media "The magazine still comes to know who that is.. the man decided earlier not to cooperate with the police investigation, through an intermediary Panorama yet learned his story. the magazine made a reconstruction in which the fictitious name "Carlos" is used for the intended target.

Innocent victim
According to the agent resides targeted in the same apartment complex as Latumahina, he is not part of the criminal, but he is friends with someone who belongs to a criminal group.

The broker believes that the clients could not at the head piece and therefore anyone grabbed from his friends. Carlos would therefore be wound innocent.

Let's go back in time. On September 19 Carlos remarks for the first time something strange.He drives over his garage to get something at home, while his friend waits in the garage on Carlos. Who sees that a Moroccan boy at Carlos' car prowl and later comes back with gloves on.

Carlos moments later comes back in the garage and towards him the lights of the garage, the Moroccan boy walks away quickly. Carlos heard the whole story of his friend. ,, Carlos found it strange of course, but he was not very concerned about, "said the agent.

No worries, no police
A few days later, on Sunday, September 25th, Carlos again driving his car, this time to pick up someone. He sees a car entering with two men, including the Moroccan boy earlier.Carlos takes a picture of the license plate and a movie of the directors. Even after this incident he did not even really care and does not switch even the police.

Latumahina murdered on 8 October. ,, There are details that Carlos does not want to go out, but which he is convinced that the attack was meant for him, "the agent said after the murder Latumahina is Carlos' life upside down:. ,, He feels not safe "in the Netherlands.

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