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After thirteen years there has been a breakthrough in the murder of Alex Wiegmink two suspects have been arrested, as was announced last night. The so-called Posbank Murder is one of the estimated thousands of unsolved murders in the Netherlands.


According to a police spokesman, there are currently some 1,400 outstanding cold cases.This includes serious crimes such as rapes and robberies that have never been solved.

The Cold Case Teams of the National Police have their hands full. Earlier this year, said Professor Peter van Koppen in Nieuwsuur that there are too few investigators are available. Cups is an expert in the field of solving old murder cases.

"It is enormously time-consuming work," says forensic expert Richard Eikelenboom. "You can not just put a street cop on a cold case case. There are needed well-trained specialists can make the proper DNA research."

Since January 1, 2015, the ten regional units of the National Police requires a Cold Case Team. Halfway through this year was the occupation of all Cold Case Teams range from four to 23 investigators.

DNA traces

"It is not true that the police is working day and night to solve old murder cases," explains NOS justice editor Remco Andringa out. "The cold case teams tackle old issues as new information comes in. For example, a tip or new DNA traces."

A pair of detectives who have only part of their time doing that does not work, said Inspector René Bergwerff in June . He leads the Cold Case Team Rotterdam-Rijnmond.

Bergwerff has ten permanent employees who are full-time to old cases. The team was there when the only in June. While hardly solve the old murder cases without a solid team, according Bergwerff.

Kralingse Bos, 1993

The Rotterdam Cold Case Team solves annually two to three murders. One of them was the double murder in the Kralingse Bos in 1993. Dna research led last year to a breakthrough.Last summer, a 48-year-old man was sentenced to twenty years in prison for the murders.

It is one of the major breakthroughs in cold case matters in recent years. Some other notable murder cases are:

Les Warrior, 2002

In 2015, two brothers were given a prison sentence for the fatal beating of Les Warrior. He was found dead in 2002 in a gay meeting place along the A27 to Hilversum. For years there was not a suspect in the picture, until there came a tip. Which led to the two brothers. One of them was DNA found under the fingernails of Warrior.

Nicole van den Hurk, 1995

More than 19 years after the murder of 15-year-old Nicole van der Hurk in Brabant there was a break in the case. Thanks to improved DNA testing was semen and a hair reduced to Jos G. Last month was to him demanded 14 years in prison .

Marianne Vaatstra, 1999

The 16-year-old Marianne Vaatstra was found dead in a pasture in 1999. Thirteen years later traced Jasper S.. Through DNA familial testing the detective tries to find the culprit.This research technique is only allowed since that year. Jasper S. proves himself to have done with the investigation.

The NIS Editors: Photo: Reuters

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