Breakthrough in Posbank Murder 2003: two arrests

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Police have arrested two people in connection with the murder of Alex Wiegmink in 2003.


The case, known as the Posbank Murder, yesterday hit the headlines after new information was published in TV program Investigation Requested.

Yesterday reported a man of 55 from Boekel to the police. He confessed to involvement in the murder of Wiegmink. Thereafter, the police have arrested a second suspect: a man of 43 years from Veghel.

The 55-year-old walked into a police station in Uden. The other suspect was arrested in Veghel. According to police, he was already in the picture, but there was still not the time to hold him. "That man has been reported, the deal does have speeded up."

Former crime reporter Peter R. de Vries announced at the press conference that the case is practically solved. He has the case been working closely with the police.

According to De Vries, the two suspects have a criminal past. They are, according to him no car squatters, which has long been assumed. With which the two then engaged in criminal activities, was not disclosed.

"Never done anything wrong '

The body of the 44-year-old Wiegmink was found in 2003 in a burned car in Erp, Noord-Brabant. He was last seen in nature Posbank the Veluwe in Rheden.

According to police, it seems that Wiegmink never did anything wrong. He also had no ties to criminals. Police did not say why he was brought to life, but it seems, according to a spokesman that he was at the wrong time in the wrong place.


According to one of the scenarios Wiegmink witnessed a crime. As De Vries also assumes.In Peacock he said Wiegmink trim after a round of "something seen what he was not allowed to see" and therefore eliminated.

De Vries involved a criminal activity that was not so intense in his experience there for anyone to make.

The NIS Editors: Photo: Reuters / Police

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