Father catches pain dying daughter (4) photo

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A heartbreaking photograph of a dying girl lying shared en masse. The father of the 4-year-old Jessica Whelan gave the picture to show the "true face" of childhood.


It's really heartbreaking to see: the picture leaves the face of the 4-year-old Jessica pain.When the girl was last September neuroblastoma, the most common form of childhood cancer, and discovers she has only a few weeks to live.

Heartbreaking PHOTO

Her father Andy is a hobby photographer and put last Sunday's heart-rending picture on Facebook "Probably makes seeing this picture awareness of the dark side of childhood," Whelan wrote, which it described as "the most difficult picture he ever made '.

He continues: "As a photographer, it is important to grasp the truth and the reality of a situation. Too easily we put the enjoyment of life fixed, while suffering omit. "He wanted to change the picture of his daughter lying on die.


Additionally Whelan hopes the picture helps to raise awareness of childhood: "Maybe there are people who can do something here so no longer need so just child's future suffering and no parent has to see how his own flesh blood and the day is declining. "

In the picture a thousand times was reacted. Also by British pop star Harry Styles. He offered to take once to Facebook Timen with Jessica or a video message for her.

When Whelan has captured in his not unusual: "This picture was taken at a time when we as parents could offer no relief. She pushed us away, while she endured the burning pain in solitude. Something we see more and more often. "


He ends his post with a call to scientists: "Research needs to be done, treatments must be found - this we have too long allowed now," he says. ,, For my daughter, it is too late, but childhood has to be cured. No family should have to go through this hell. "

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe page launched to raise money to give Jessica a fine as possible last stage of her life.

By Metro News Editorial Photo: Andy Whelan

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