Many more homes keep seniors in their pool

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There are many more nursing homes where residents can not go to the toilet if they wish. They have to stop a few hours their pool or get a diaper, even if they are not incontinent.


Yesterday it became clear that some residents in nursing Large Angle in Hellevoetsluis but three times a day can go to the toilet. The leadership denies that there is' water contracts, "but acknowledges that patients with appointments about when and how often someone can go to the toilet. Unacceptable, judges Secretary Martin van Rijn .

But there are more homes with such agreements, saying FNV Care and Patient Federation Netherlands. In countries such as South Holland and Brabant are examples of homes where staff from lack of time residents but several times a day helps in the toilet. ,, As a staff, we have no choice, 'says Anja Koerten who works in a nursing Hague where such agreements exist.

,, If a resident has to go to the bathroom every hour, even if it is only a short pee, I need to delete it. From above I hear: sorry, Ms. else gets too much care hours. "

A diaper
The alternative is a diaper, for residents who are not incontinent, but need help with the toilet corridor. ,, In principle, someone eight hours should be able to wear. At night, the policies we make no wake for a toilet visit. The result is that people sometimes wake up in a soaking wet diaper or less to drink. "

In a recent survey of FNV Care gives 73 percent of health care workers that residents have to wait longer for their toilet. The reason: the tight summer occupancy. ,, It's ridiculous and degrading '' said a spokesman for the Federation of Patients Netherlands. ,, May urination is a fundamental right, there should not restrict sit on. But unfortunately we hear more often. ''

A nurturing of a large Brabant care organization who wishes to remain anonymous, yesterday it was going on. A demented resident was very restless. To give him attention, two residents had to pee in their diapers. ,, For such a diaper is time saving. These are choices to be sick. "

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