Deathrider 3-year-old Nassim in Breda acquitted of manslaughter

Gepubliceerd op 3 november 2016 om 14:08

The man who ran the preschool Nassim (3) in Breda last King's has been acquitted of manslaughter. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison, six months probation. This has today determined the court in Breda. The boy would have been four years today.


According to the court, there is no evidence of intent. The 18 year old suspect Elias A. also acquitted of recklessness. ,, It is very careless and negligent, but not reckless in the sense of the law, "said the presiding judge.

A. is guilty of leaving the scene of the accident while he knew he left a victim in a helpless state. The court assumes that the suspect has voluntarily reported to the police.

In determining the penalty is taken into account that A. previously been in trouble with the law, he has expressed regret that he slightly feeble-minded and has a disorder. The risk of recurrence is high. In addition to a prison term of 18 months, six suspended and probation for three years, the accused will receive a license suspension of four years.

license suspension
By A. was two weeks ago, three years in prison required, one conditional. The prosecution also demanded a license suspension of eight years, clinical management and reporting with the Probation against the suspect.

The Public Prosecutor considered the Bredanaar guilty to manslaughter. According to the prosecutor, he is guilty because he could have known that his reckless driving in the residential area could lead to a fatality. ,, Really everything speaks to his disadvantage: the silence, his driving, running away, his criminal record, the visit to the coffee shop after the accident and continue with drug trafficking after the accident, "said the Public Prosecutor during this session.

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