Founder Lottery Loss is a lawyer in court

Gepubliceerd op 3 november 2016 om 13:54

Ferdy Soot, founder of the Foundation Lottery loss, the lawyer of angry participants flown to his foundation in the Alkmaar court. The police had to be called in to bring the emotions subside, confirmed a spokeswoman for the court. The lawyer will probably declare.


Ferdy Soot is the founder of Foundation Lottery Losses who has been a warring with the State Lottery because of misleading advertising exaggerated the chances of winning.Lottery Loss trying to get compensation.

Nearly 200,000 people joined Soot, but in the meantime is the Founder itself came into disrepute because of uncertainty would be on the utilization of the contribution of the participants for the legal battle of the foundation against Staatslotetrij. A group of angry members of his foundation conducts a legal battle against Soot about who the boss is in Lottery Loss.

During a trial this morning Soot was the lawyer of those participants are flown. He would include a hefty slap or push handed out. He would have yelled at the lawyer threats. ,, He thereby created something along the lines of 'I'll make you broke,' '' said spokeswoman Ellen van der Lem of the court Noord-Holland.

When the police arrived there, it was quiet again. One was intended to keep soot spot, but it did not. The thing just goes on, but the lawyer considers it to report.

Via whatsapp Soot gives a brief response to the question of what happened: "Nothing Man Catch story, as outgunned as their cause. '.

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