"Radicalised 'man (26) tries to stabbing woman in fire

Gepubliceerd op 3 november 2016 om 14:30

A 26-year-old from Belgium's Charleroi man was arrested today for attempted manslaughter. The man had his wife Tuesday doused with ammonia and tried to stabbing her on fire. His wife had just left him, she accused him of being radicalized in recent times.


That happened Tuesday in Montignies-sur-Sambre. The victim was walking on the street with her sister when suddenly popped her husband. Who had a lighter and a bottle of ammonia in and tried to shower her with the liquid. However, he was thereby pushed away by the sister. The two young women then verschuilden a neighbor, who alerted the police.

The couple had had a fight the night before and had decided to leave his wife. They accused him that he was radicalized: so she could not take her anymore license exam, the house no longer had to wear them out and traditional attire of him.

The police went looking for the man after the fact and picked it up. He denies the story of the two sisters. A search of his house yielded nothing abnormal on. The man was arrested for attempted manslaughter. He is to appear Friday in court in Charleroi.

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