"Payout care budgets permanently in order '

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The processing of personal budgets (PGB) has been persistent in order, let us know of State Martin van Rijn. That's almost two years after the disbursement of these funds, which people themselves take appropriate care, completely turned into the soup.


Beginning in 2015 were due to automation problems PGB provider Social Insurance Bank (SVB) thousands of vulnerable people are sometimes not for months or wrong compensation for their medical expenses. Caregivers often had to work for free and the elderly and the sick were forced to borrow money from family or friends.

These gigantic problems are solved almost entirely, says Van Rijn in his latest letter to parliament. In July, 98 percent of properly submitted invoices paid within 10 days, 99 percent in August and September. This is according to the minister 'permanently satisfied "with the wishes of the House.

The past few months have only made a limited number of emergency payments (11 July, 7 August and 4 September). ,, Reports solves the SVB now as much as possible within the regular payment process or relate to sorting out the file. The accessibility of the SVB remains good. "

Now the problems with the payment be resolved permanently, checks for fraud and false declarations to be tightened again, says Van Rijn. ,, The SVB pays incorrect or incomplete statements from November 1 no longer directly and take from that moment telephone and written contact person, to assign him or her on the proven omission. In addition, the budget will be advised how to fix it, so indeed can be paid. "

Earlier this year, the Chamber indicated to wish for a new, more robust system for the payment of health care budgets. The Secretary of State 'aims' to start by 2018 with the so-called budget-portal. In addition, budget holders will self regulate the disbursement and management of their health care money. People can fill out simple online personal information, submit claims for care received and communicate with the lender about the budget.

In late September AD.nl been reported that health insurers will stomp the project off the ground, with the help of the municipalities. The SVB and PGB-interest club Per Saldo are involved. Who will ultimately manage the new portal becomes clear at the turn. Van Rijn has always insisted on a continuing role for the SVB, but part of the Chamber sees not sit.

The minister said also in wanting to start the first quarter of 2017 to compensate for budget holders and caregivers who have suffered demonstrable damage from the earlier problems with the payment of PGB's.

The threshold to qualify for such a fee has been reduced; for budget to EUR 300 (25 percent lower than previously reported). For small providers is about 600 euros (more than 10 percent lower than the original threshold).

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