Rich to court if they continue on Quote List

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Two entrepreneurs who recognized the magazine Quote in its annual list of richest people in the Netherlands, threatening the business glossy with a lawsuit. That Quote announces itself after yesterday's 20th edition of the Fortune 500 list is published.


Because of the anniversary, the list expanded this year to 1,000 people. But pinautomatenondernemer Cor van de Velden (number 238, representing 100 million) and owner Aart Bezemer (number 472 to 57 million) would absolutely not mentioned in the list.

Van der Velden threatened a lawsuit if Quote his name anyway but would call. The Fields 'disgusted' Quote according to its listing in the list.

Quote responds nonchalantly: ,, Come on, gentlemen '' in the past was to make the magazine even agree with lawsuits. The most famous is that of real estate merchant Willem Endstra.

Richest man
The richest man in the Netherlands, Randstad founder Frits Goldschmeding, saw a year evaporate a quarter of its power, but is still at the top of the Fortune 500, with a capacity of 3.5 billion euros.

Media tycoon John de Mol (61) is the highest celebrity (4th with 2.5 billion euros). The list goes this year to place 1,000. That place is reserved for violinist Andre Rieu. The business magazine estimated his assets at 25 million.

The richest family, the C & A Brenninkmeijer dynasty, which held in 21 billion.

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