To 12 years in prison for murder of Freddy Sloterwijk

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The murder of 48-year-old Freddy Sloterwijk from Hippolytushoef (Noord-Holland) is his 53 year old wife Agnes de V. and her 75-year-old ex-husband Jaap K. today come to be in jail for eleven and twelve years respectively.


The third suspect in the case, the 57-year-old Mario K. from Wood, gave the court in Alkmaar eight months in prison for his help in dumping the body.

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Sloterwijk was found with a bag over his head in late August last year death in the Lake Amstel Canal, close to the dam. He was found beaten and strangled. Two days after the discovery kept the police on K.

Freddy was married to Agnes V. But two exes Agnes played a major and complex role in her life: Jaap K. (who lived in a camper for the home of Agnes and Freddy) and Mario K. The suspects put changing statements and, in particular, K. and K.'s trying to push each other's murder in shoes.

According to the court it is established that Agnes V. and Jaap K. have plotted and planned the murder. V. lured her husband on August 26 last year with an excuse note to the campsite in the middle of the Dam, which was their home. Since K. brought him to life.

The Public Prosecutor (OM) demanded a month ago for murder twelve years imprisonment against all three defendants in the case.

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