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Several British newspapers is particularly fierce in the attack against the judges who yesterday decided that Brexit negotiations should proceed only with the consent of parliament. ,, Enemies of the people ", the judges said dismissively. Countless Brits react bewildered on the front pages.


The new British prime minister Theresa May had hoped to negotiate without parliamentary approval on the Brexit. A three-member court, however, ruled yesterday that the government does not determine when Article 50 may activate, but the parliament. With this article the procedure for an exit from the European Union put into effect. This May is out of control over the process.

Pro-Brexit newspapers such as the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express and the Sun vent their anger over the decision on the three judges. They call the three 'enemies of the people "and they sometimes fall even personally. For example, the Daily Mail measuring large that one of the judges is a gay former Olympic fencer. Known and unknown twitterers, including author JK Rowling, speaking scandalized.

Attack on descent
The Sun is not only the judges, but Gina Miller, the originator of the lawsuit surrounding the Brexit. The newspaper has the origin of the London born there in Guyana. ,, Rich foreign elite ignores the will of British voters, "headlines the paper. Perhaps the newspaper hopes to address the xenophobia that lives among certain groups in Britain.

The attack of the newspapers 'undermine democracy', find some twitterers. Financial specialists emphasize the irony of anger. Britons want UK law and therefore leave the EU, but if it is complied with, the judges are "enemies of the people '.

The government announced that it will immediately appeal against the decision of the three judges. This occurs at the highest court of the land, the Supreme Court. May fears that the parliament will delay things and complicates the negotiations.

Brexit voters are outraged by the verdict: they think the Brexit is increasingly delayed in this way. ,, I fear betrayal. It seems that politics will not accept the outcome of the referendum, "twitters UKIP leader Nigel Farage. ,, They have no idea what this will cause a massive public anger."

For the time being it is not clear what the implications of the ruling are exactly. Only after the action will become clear what it means for the British EU membership and the position of prime minister May. That said, at least that just continue preparations for a Brexit. She is still planning to initiate the procedure for the departure end of March.

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