Employees reject Shell Pernis wagebid

Gepubliceerd op 4 november 2016 om 16:13

Employees of Shell in Pernis and Moerdijk today a majority rejected the wage proposal of the group. Reported that unions CNV and FNV members Thursday after consultations.


The current proposal would lag behind that of comparable companies. Shell claimed the unions provides a wage increase this year of 1 percent and 1.25 percent next year, and twice a lump sum of 1,000 euros. The unions want to see a structural wage increase of 1.5 percent this year and 1.75 percent next year. According to Shell, however, the offer of the group higher than the general wage demand by the FNV 2016 for all its members.

The unions will come next week with an ultimatum and thereby closing out further actions.

General Manager Jos van Winsen Shell Pernis takes the position that the union taking irresponsible. ,, I do not understand how any actions in the interests of employees could be, "he says. The rejection of the wage proposal is not unexpected for Shell. The negotiations with the unions run according to the company for months difficult.

According to Shell count Shell Pernis and Moerdijk 2 850 employees. Them fall 1800 under the collective agreement. More than a fifth of all employees is a member of a union.

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