Taxi drivers are sitting 'illegal practices' Schiphol Protectors

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In taxirel at Schiphol is a group of independent drivers to be put away as it was gear. They may offer legal taxi rides, but they are constantly harassed by Schiphol Protectors. More than 50 drivers require that the municipality of Haarlemmermeer intervenes.


Shady recruiters to throw themselves in front of Schiphol tourists, enabling them to rip off.That is the picture which Secretary Sharon Dijksma this week said: ,, I am quite done with it. "

But there is another side of the story, represents a group of 58 taxi drivers who took a lawyer. They have all the necessary papers taxi and ask to be anything but seedy. Since a court ruling last year, they have every right to offer their taxi services right at the airport.After all, they are on the road.

Schiphol, Friday afternoon. To find the taxi problems firsthand, your reporter is disguised with sunglasses and rolkoffertje the central hall of the airport off. Direct talks a Dutch-Moroccan taxi driver this neptoerist to. I follow the driver toward the garage where his car is.

Immediately runs a security guard in a yellow vest to Schiphol Logo on us. He warns in English: ,, Sir, this is not an official Schiphol taxi driver "I ask the security guard or the man I pedestrian is a real taxi driver Although there is clearly a taxi badge hangs his neck, the security guard says:., I would not know, sir. " There is a heated debate about which taxis I have to step in. It is clear that for every tourist who has just put foot in the Netherlands this is a confusing and extremely unpleasant experience.

Unscrupulous recruiters
Taxi driver Oussama (37) also mentions the situation is far from ideal. He distances himself from "a handful of 'rogue recruiters that imposes itself and relies excessively high amounts.Oussama says itself nicely to keep the rules. Yet he also gets it every time to stick with the people of Fred Secures, the company that leads travelers to the gleaming Tesla on the official site. ,, The guards tackle aggressively again on our customers. Often with lies and illegal grounds. "

This situation leads to great tension. Drivers now have several uses violence against security guards, but according to them it happens vice versa. ,, I am once beaten hard between my shoulder blades, "says Oussama. ,, Suddenly. Bam. So I turn around and see a security guard. But over his shoulder I see that film a colleague state. They wanted my reaction video have. So we framed. "

In a letter to the mayor demanding Oussama with 57 taxi drivers that the municipality of Haarlemmermeer Schiphol Protectors keeps in line. ,, Clients simply want to offer their services to which they are entitled, "said their lawyer René Rensing. ,, They ask for it as soon as possible to stop the illegal practices of the security guards at the airport."

Schiphol does not seem to believe in such stories. ,, People Fred Secures must unfortunately often do report abuse by taxi recruiters. It has become almost a standard method of canvassers to file a counter-declaration directly here, "said spokeswoman Frederique Hermie, who speaks of an" untenable situation ".

Wim Jimmy, spokesman of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, said: ,, It is a complex problem, where many parties are involved. We very soon go around the table. "

By Editors AD: Photo: Marco Okhuizen

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