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In moneydroprel around the works of the police and the role of Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice and its predecessor Opstelten investigated. Van der Steur wrote to the House.


With the investigation of the (former) Justitietop comes Van der Steur meet the wishes of the opposition in parliament.

An external inquiry will focus primarily on the actions of former police chief Gerard Bouman.Under his leadership was the Central Works Council (CWC), an extraordinarily high annual budget of 1.6 million euros.

Much of that money went to dinners, parties, parties, nights with champagne breakfast and hiring include image coaches, showed an initial exploratory research. ,, There was ineffective and disproportionate expenditure increasing, "said the current police chief Erik Akerboom.

Going to be investigated or through that high budget decision was purchased by the COR, according to the letter of Van der Steur. His unpopular decisions taken during the reorganization of the National Police, which could be put through the adoption of the COR.

Ongoing research Bouman will not perform more work. Last night made all the plenary CWC known to resign .

The police chief did in October declaration against the then President of the COR, Frank Giltay. Now running criminal investigation against him. Giltay is accused, among other things frequently have pinned by credit of the police and jaunt to have to Curacao.

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