Amsterdam Pauline (30): Buurman hit me in minutes

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The Amsterdam Pauline Greenwood was beaten speechless, literally. The 30-year-old was Friday on her way to work from scratch awaited by her neighbor near the staircase of her apartment. ,, He said 'not so fast Pauline' and punched me then immediately filled with his fist in my face. That went on for minutes. "


According to the Amsterdam there was no reason to wait for her to 7:10 pm. ,, I have presented nicely with this guy last year and also I only good afternoon and said hello when I met him. There has been no cause for conflict between me and him, "she says.

Her neighbor thought differently. ,, After he has beaten me in my face, he gave me about three minutes long pummeled with both fists. I am fallen to the ground and tried to use my hands to protect my face, but not to faint and to continue screaming for help. After a full three to four minutes Fortunately my other neighbor came out when my attacker is lucky smeared him. "

The receptionist looks at a group practice of dentists black and blue. ,, My forehead is thick.I had a lot of bumps, which now draw reasonable way. He has a lot on my sleep beaten and especially in my face, but my arms and legs are bruises. I'm glad I can protect myself and that he has not beaten knockout me, who knows what he had done. "

"Very disturbed '
Pauline has reported. The police have the matter under investigation. ,, The neighbor has not been arrested, "said a spokesman. According to Greenwood, the offender around 50 years old and" very disturbed, someone who does not normally do so. ,, Maybe he had a psychosis and played in the lead because I live next to him. "

Pauline wants to return to her home under any circumstances. ,, But all I must realize oneself, "she says. ,, I want to sell my house because I do not feel safe to me. I went to housing the Key, where I bought my house, stepped on whether they have another house that I rent. But they say they have nothing to do with me, because my home is for sale and rent the rest. I am left to my fate, while the offender allowed to live there. "

Research Area
A spokesman for The Key speaks of a terrible incident. She says that the police and the Key several times talked with the woman, but that her neighbor has not yet been reached. ,, We have to do it so far with a story from one side. The man did not answer. We visited, called and sent a letter. "

The tenant was also not known nuisance. The man would live long. ,, We have asked residents to report nuisance. We first want to talk to the man and wait for the police investigation. "

Greenwood is temporarily hiding with friends and acquaintances. ,, All I ask is the same house, somewhere else for the same price. So that I can continue living. "

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