Arrival of Sinterklaas 'risk off'

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Sinterklaas Saturday receives a warm welcome in Maassluis. Not only thousands of children, but also demonstrators. All of which are especially for Black Peter.


Maassluis gasped for next Saturday. Two years ago was the arrival of Sinterklaas completely out of control in Gouda by supporters and opponents of Zwarte Piet could not control himself. To prevent a recurrence, Saturday is a massive police presence on the leg.

The collective Kick Out Zwarte Piet (KOZP) has announced that it will demonstrate in the square where the parade ends, but they have not registered with the municipality Maassluis their action. That the Dutch People's Union (NVU), which argues in favor of maintaining Zwarte Piet, already done. The NVU'ers are assigned a box at the height of the Zuiddijk.Also there is another location available to protest. KZOP but has already managed to hold on to the central square for 'peaceful protest'.

Children's party
Mayor Edo Haan has previously indicated not to disturb the 'children's' and will intervene if necessary if necessary. The police deployment will be similar to a risk of competition in professional football. Precise numbers he wants to make any statement.

The city is counting on Saturday 25,000 visitors who wish to see the national arrival of Sinterklaas. As many as 2.6 million TV viewers watched live broadcast of NTR.

Mayor welcomes Rooster St. around 12:00 in the outer harbor. Fifteen minutes later he sets foot on the Town Hall Quay followed a route through the historic center. At 13.15 will be closed to the live broadcast on the market.

Hundreds of volunteers participate in the festive program. Among them were two hundred helpers providing Maassluis. They will particularly look traditional. The helpers are black and brown faces painted, but do not wear earrings and have no red lips. There is also a number of so-called soot wipe helpers present. What color are the NTR-helpers of the holy man, clearly tonight in the first Sinterklaas Journal.

For the visitors are 2,000 parking spaces available. In addition, the NS allows extended trains and are being deployed extra buses. Furthermore, all children who visit the festival wristband. Should lose a child, then there are four stations where they can be picked up by their parents. Local nurseries provide this selflessly cooperate. Also four first-aid posts are appointed.

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