PvdA top feels 'stitched'

Gepubliceerd op 9 november 2016 om 13:51

Everything indicates that Jacques Monasch has forced a break with his Labour Party, said his former party members. They know for sure: he used the party leader struggles to launch his own party.


His seat in the PvdA room remained empty yesterday morning. With straight face gets Jacques Monasch the Room Restaurant inside. First coffee, the brand new apostate. The checkout lady encourages him already with some pat. There again, a smile from.

At the Labour Party is there to be found more bitterness. Some party members feel "utterly screwed," says a member of parliament. Not only it is satisfied that the breach has Monasch forced to start their own party, the way also stands out.

2 euros
Sunday spoke Monasch, party chairman Hans Spekman and Vice President Marja Axe long together at the party office in Amsterdam. Monasch wanted the party would make it easier to bring non-members vote in the party leader struggle. That people can be for 2 euros a month member to vote at any time may terminate it again, the MP did not go far enough. ,, My whole campaign was aimed to persuade people on the street to vote. But people need to be extended member that does not work at all. ''

The party sees him as a dreinend child had his sentence already. They come millimeter together, but speak according Spekman it off until the next day to disclose 12.00 which Monasch would not stay in the race. Spekman had the morning namely necessary to accompany his sick sister in a hospital appointment.

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