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With the arrival of Donald Trump as the new president of the United States has claimed MPs much uncertainty about the relationship between the US and Europe.


Diederik Samson (PvdA): ,, Trump in the campaign does not give the impression that he is working to make the world safer. Rather the opposite. He will now have to identify very quickly what he really wants. Since the Netherlands and Europe will soon have to clarify questions. The election of Trump also indicates that here too there is a contract in the Netherlands to provide an answer to the growing sense of more and more people that progress is not there for them. Otherwise you get here this kind of results. ''

Sybrand Buma (CDA): ,, The American people have spoken, and it is a very clear result.People in America are very deeply concerned about the current state of affairs. This also applies to Europe and the Netherlands. If politics does not go more concerned with what is happening in society, then it will eventually go the wrong way everywhere. This is an important signal for us. ''

"Almost impossible choice"
Gert-Jan Segers (Christian Union): ,, It was for the Americans an almost impossible choice, but voters still have Donald Trump appointed as their new president. His biggest challenge is to bridge the fellow by himself created bitter divisions in their own country again. As one of America's allies Netherlands will also have to continue to work with the president to stand up for our own freedom and that of many others in the world who have pinned their hopes on the Western world. ''

Kees van der Staaij (SGP): ,, There is a great responsibility on the shoulders of the new President Trump. Toegebeden wisdom! Hopefully good news for Israel, pro-life, pro family.Opting for Trump means pressure on EU to put in order their own defense and to rely less on Big Brother USA '

"Terrible conclusion '
Alexander Pechtold (D66): ,, I'm combative. Trump stands for everything I'm not.Discrimination, exclusion, pessimism. This should not happen in Europe and the Netherlands. The only answer is to let people express themselves. And to show that we do not want discord and hatred in the Netherlands. Through an optimistic story, by showing what is possible. How good we are and how much better we can get it together. ''

Emile Roemer (SP): ,, The ruling political elite owes it to themselves that they are getting hit after hit. I like my breath for the course that Trump is going boating. Again, the established parties aside the population. The gap becomes even greater. It is up to us to give people a social alternative. Politicians are only the tool of people, they are not there for their own gain. ''

"Hatred and contradictions'
Jesse Klaver (GL): The established order has been unable to defeat the populists twice now, in the US elections and the referendum on a Brexit. I am only motivated to keep the populists out. They stir up hatred and conflicts, and address so off my Netherlands. But the voter's right. Which rightly worries.

Han ten Broeke (VVD): ,, Trump is selected and we will have to work with him. Deal with it. It is important to hear from the new Republican president what his attitude towards NATO and international trade agreements. Which are already under pressure. That is also the message from the US ''

Jan Roos (VNL) ,, The Trump profits makes sense: it's a politically incorrect man and the American public does not need a politically correct woman. As a democracy works. Towards the Dutch elections can therefore conclude that there is a chance to win, even if you are not part of the political elite. That is very good. Because people are decent but indeed mad, not mad. ''

The only leader who is happy with Trumps victory Geert Wilders. The PVV leader calls it a "historic victory" and "a revolution." Wilders added that he also wants Netherlands' returned to the Dutch.

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