Police investigating dead baby in Cuijk

Gepubliceerd op 9 november 2016 om 13:59

Police investigating the death of a baby in a house in Cuijk (Noord-Brabant). The child was unwell when emergency services were present in the home to provide medical assistance to the mother. Baby CPR to no avail.


The mother was transported by ambulance to the hospital. Why, she asked medical help, a police spokesman would not say 'in relation to privacy. "

Police investigating the death of the baby because "the circumstances that give rise to.Police spokesman showing nothing about the content of those conditions. On Twitter, reports the police will consider all scenarios.

Whether there are other people than the baby and the mother were present in the home, the spokesman does not know. The sex and age of the child also remain unclear.

Slain resident
In the same apartment a 45-year-old resident was mid last month killed. This is a 28-year-old man arrested in Cuijk, which is still attached.

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