Brussels: Turkey removes himself too far from Europe

Gepubliceerd op 9 november 2016 om 14:25

Turkey has in recent times in many areas away from Europe. For a possible EU membership is, therefore ,, significant progress '' required by Turkish law and the rule of law. The European Commission adopted today a progress report on accession negotiations with Turkey.


The ,, serious setback ', especially after the foiled coup in July occurred in the area of the independence of the judiciary, freedom of expression and other fundamental freedoms.There are also reports of enstige human rights violations, including torture of prisoners, said EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn (Extension).

The measures taken by the Turkish government, such as the arrest of parliamentarians, military, academics and journalists and dismissal of judges, are cause for great concern.That coupled with the possible reintroduction of the death penalty is increasingly incompatible with Turkey's official desire to join the EU, the Austrian warned. In the field of law no compromises, he said. ,, It is time for Ankara to tell us what it wants now. ''

Refugee crisis
Despite these concerns Turkey continues to play an important role in the refugee crisis, Hahn referred to the EU-Turkey deal of march. The abolition of visas for Turks only be considered if all conditions are met, he repeated. Now Turkey still refuses to include to adjust its anti-terror legislation, seems not feasible.

Kati Piri (PvdA), Turkey rapporteur in the European Parliament believes that the EU should draw political consequences and the accession talks with Turkey should stop immediately, now Ankara with his actions ,, the door to the EU slamming '. ,, Turkey drifts more and more away from European values such as respect for human rights and media freedom. The state of emergency is used to the critical voices that there are still further suppress. "" From other groups heard similar noises.

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