Trump: from brat to US president

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As a child, Donald Trump was a cocky, stamping brat always wanted to be right and gladly went to blows. He was so often criminal trial that his classmates were called disciplinary measure 'DT', the initials of the criminal trial champion. A boy with a huge temperament. How could such a man be president?

Naamloos2-1050.pngThe golden cradle of Donald Trump was reversed when his father Donald room discovered cutting knives. Who had secretly bought the 12-year-old Donald. Donald had to go to the military academy, where he no steak but dirty meat balls got to eat and no private bathroom had more, but had to shower with the other cadets.

In his room he liked turning an ultraviolet lamp, orange tanning color was already a concern. ,, We go to the beach, "he would say to his roommate petulant. Haughty , irascible and arrogant: according to 'Donny' he himself is different today is not so much the cocky youngster he was in first grade. , I still have the same temperament, "he told his biographer.

Donald Trump was born in June 1946, at the height of the post-war baby boom. His father Fred is a self-made real estate agent who has two chauffeured limousine. His mother Mary was a Scottish immigrant, her father was a fisherman.

When Trump is forbidden to curse. Despite their wealth the Trump children should earn their own pocket money with summer jobs and newspaper neighborhoods. Donald was a rebellious child. In elementary school, he sold a teacher a blow 'because I felt that he knew nothing about music. "

As a child Donald was confident and incorrigible. A bully too. In elementary school, he impressed his classmates with his sporting achievements, his jokes, his petulance and his refusal to acknowledge his mistakes. He was so often criminal trial that his classmates not talking about punishment study, but 'DT', 'Donny Trump.

Ann Trees (82) was his teacher at the elementary school. Trees: ,, He was stubborn and determined. He sat with his arms crossed, a scowl with which he can hardly dared to say something that would chase him on rod. ''

In 1958 Donny was twelve and he took on Saturday with his school friend Peter Brant secretly train to Manhattan. Without the consent of their parents. Manhattan was indeed too dangerous for two boys from the upper, quiet neighborhood. Near Times Square, discovered the two shops where they could buy stink bombs, handzoemers and nepkots, ideal for the jokes they uithaalden. In those stores they could buy cutting knives. Was on Broadway 'West Time Story' the big hit. Both dreamed of belonging to a gang and therefore bought but the cutting blades.

By the end of sixth grade papa Trump discovered the cutting blades. He was furious and decides that the secret stuff of his son asks for a radical surgery. He writes it in the New York Military Academy, a boarding school 100 kilometers from home.

,, It was a very severe reaction to a child who was never arrested and had not been in contact with alcohol or drugs. Donald was just a smart aleck that the decision of his father experienced a rejection, "says his biographer Michael D'Antonio.

,, He was kicked out of the house, as it came down, "said D'Antonio. ,, He had never known anything but the life of luxury in his family and suddenly he turned away. That's a tough start in life. ''

In an interview with The Washington Post Trump described his years at the military academy rosier. ,, My parents felt that discipline would do me good, I was impetuous, and they wanted to keep me on the right path. As I look back, that was a positive influence. ''

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