One feels at seven carers are 'heavily loaded'

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One in seven carers says that caring for relatives or acquaintances is heavy or burdensome. This group gives up an average of 28 hours a week to do volunteer, compared to 8 hours of other caregivers. It reports the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).


The Netherlands has, according to the CBS about 2 million carers who care for a spouse, child or friend who is ill or disabled. CBS should consider the long-term care for three months or longer and at least 8 hours per week. On average, caregivers spend about 11 hours per week of care. Most people care for a relative and say women often provide care.


Most caregivers are between 50 and 74 years old. "On average, almost one fifth of the Dutch forty years or older to take care of someone from his or her environment," said the CBS. Under-75s, the proportion of carers somewhat lower (14 percent).

The Social and Cultural Planning Bureau states that there are twice as many carers Netherlands: around four million. However, the SCP also employs people with which a neighbor ensure shorter time. The figures from Statistics Netherlands on Wednesday to put out largely correspond to the results of a survey in 2013. Even then gave one in seven carers to care (too) hard to find.

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