Melissa least 12,000 euros demanded by Dave McCain for sexy video

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It has been two years ago and nearly forgotten, yet Dave McCain stands today in court at Schiphol in court for theft of jewelry. He is suspected of secretly filming the sex he had with the daughter of the owners of the jewelry. Reporter Victor Schildkamp tweets about the case.


Dave McCain (23) is not at his trial because of all the media attention. ,, It's not going to sit in the cold clothes to him, "says his lawyer. ,, He has suffered a lot of comments about the incident and wants to minimize publicity. He wants the matter behind them."

The case goes simply by without McCain. Three of the four friends, who are also suspects are there. One of them is Gijs S. (23), better known as DJ Johnny 500 and ex fitness fanatic Fajah Lourens.

sexy video
McCain has been a popular DJ and TV celebrity, mainly due to his participation in Expedition Robinson. But two years ago he was still mostly the son of folk singer Dries.

In the Amsterdam nightlife, he and his friends end in July 2014 Melissa Pach (now 23) coming against the daughter of the successful McDonald's entrepreneur Richard Pach from the North Holland Burgerbrug. She invites the group into the spacious villa of her parents for an afterparty. There two evenings partying in succession and it goes wrong.

The party group takes expensive watches, rings, diamonds, earrings, clothes and other stuff. In total a prize of 60,000 euros. Moreover, there are two dives movies in which Melissa has sex with Dave in a hot tub. While she says she did not know she was being filmed. The movies were once made public against her. The images even ended up at Show and Spanish television.

The images according to the public were made by Dave and one of his friends. That friend, who have been present at the trial, admits made a movie. McCain has previously said that he has not put online the movies. ,, So did the guy who filmed. "

1000 percent sure
At the movies we see that Melissa "sexual acts" performed by Dave. According to McCain Melissa did not mind that there were people, so read the court a statement. Melissa was "1,000 percent sure" have known that there was filmed. ,, It was something we both wanted because we were horny. "

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