GP may soon speak through an interpreter with refugee

Gepubliceerd op 10 november 2016 om 14:27

Refugees with a residence permit for six months will be able to last through an interpreter to communicate with the doctor in their own language. That will arrange care minister Edith Schippers.


The new (telephone) interpreter provision for status holders will be maintained up to two years, the minister answered questions from MPs about the new health care budget.Boaters: ,, From someone who has only a short time in the Netherlands, can not be expected that he / she has sufficient knowledge of the Dutch language. I therefore intend to temporarily support GPs. "

There is no general compensation interpreter in health care. People who live here should learn to speak Dutch themselves. Among refugees, however, talk of an exceptional situation, according to the minister.

,, The increased inflow figures have led in the past year there has been realized an accelerated flow from the reception, so asylum seekers are now quicker to rely on the regular care services, "said the minister of Health.

For supply Boaters will reserve a total of 4,525 million euros. More would not be necessary "given the declining inflow figures' of asylum seekers. The money they get from existing pots.

Schippers does emphasize: ,, Apart features an interpreter, there are other resources available to deal with language problems. Taking for example the use of imagery, Google translate and the website "

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