De Mos makes protest song for conservation Zwarte Piet

Gepubliceerd op 10 november 2016 om 15:08

Group Moss is the important person discussion more than enough. To Piet giving a helping hand 'they have with Rejellety Records made a protest song for the preservation of Black Peter: Zwarte Piet, do not let boxes.


"Zwarte Piet is a friend of children which has nothing to do with racism. It is truly outrageous that one of the few traditional celebrations we reverse the neck by a small minority "find Jelle Meineszlaan of Rejellety records and leader Richard de Mos.

Young de Mos, the Jongerentak of the Moss Group, launched earlier a citizens' initiative to hold Zwarte Piet in the Hague jet black.


"It by the anti-Black Pietengekkies imposed process of change of Zwarte Piet is extremely undemocratic. Without our asking Zwarte Piet is banned on television, schools and entrance ceremonies, "Young says Moss Chairman Damiën Zeller. This has been signed by some 3,000 people. "If this policy is not going to wake up, we go for a consultative referendum in which citizens can express themselves finally about maintaining a great fine tradition," he concludes.

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