Muslims in US: Trump can not take my American sense

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Mohamed Brahimi (47) from Boston still can not believe Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. The former assistant professor at the Harvard University has struggled to explain his eight children why Trump tells Muslims to hate.


Brahimi, the Arabic language and Politics in the Middle East and Africa at the Worcester State University in Boston teaches, emigrated in 1989 from Morocco to the US He is chairman of Macca, an organization that helps immigrants to participate in society. The teacher goes every year with American students to Morocco to introduce them there with the culture and religion.

,, At first I thought the family values the Republicans do match those of Muslims. Later I saw that it was a lot of talk, but of family values, there was no question. That's why I chose in 2000 when I voted for the first time, for Democrat Al Gore. ''

Have you talked about Trump with your children?
Brahimi: ,, I have to go to sleep 4:30 am and was already off at 08:00. That's why I have not talked to my children about Trump. My son eight years already asked me why that man still has hate Muslims. I told him that Trump's crazy and tries to evoke extreme things to get free publicity. I would like to believe themselves. But deep down I think, maybe he hates Muslims really. I'm in shock. Initially I was looking for excuses to calm myself. I thought the results from the states on the West Coast are yet to come. But when America I saw more and redder be and certainly when Pennsylvania went to the Republicans, I was broken. "

Now emigrate to Canada?
,, No, no thinking. I am proud to be an American. Maybe I'm more American than Moroccan.Especially now. Trump can not take that to me. He has to come with more than now to make me feel less American. People who say they go to Canada exhibit escapism. I stay here and will defy misery. ''

Have you had reactions from Morocco?
,, Via Whatsapp messages flowing within. They ask if Trump really won. Yes, I can hardly believe it. ''

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