Neighborsquarrel costs aged three tons

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Neighbors arguments can sometimes quite get out of hand, but an argument in Leersum went very far.


The neighbors of a 80-year-old man may impose a fine of 300,000 euros, as certain provisions of the District Court for the Central Netherlands Wednesday. This is the highest penalty ever imposed and applied in a Dutch neighbors quarrel.

The elderly man, also known as the "Monster of Leersum ', and its neighbors, Mr and Mrs Griffin, have been fifteen problems. In the yard in the woods of Leersum destroyed in the couple's car and excrement smeared on furniture, writes de Volkskrant .


In 2009, the elderly man had an obligation not to enter the yard of his neighbors, because he had previously been wrongly. A year later, the ban was extended with a fine of 300,000 euros. This was to have a 'deterrent effect'. When the ban was violated, then the consequences would be 'irreversible' said the judge.

When it appeared that the man still had twice entered the yard, provided the judge could impose the neighbors seize the man's home in order to collect the 300,000 euros. The 'monster Leersum' demanded that the judgment could not be executed and his lawyer called the forced sale of the property 'disproportionate'.


According to the lawyer of the couple, the elderly man was in the yard twice this year, as shown by camera images. The first time was on March 31, 2016, when he wrecked a car.The second time was on April 4, 2016, when he was in his own words to find his dog.

Because he had a ban yet entered the yard, he has to pay now. The lawyer might be seized last month put on the house of the man. Two weeks ago, fought the 80-year-old to this. In addition, he said that not his neighbors, but he himself is a victim because he would be beaten by the brother of the neighbor. The judge gave him no equal and ruled that the seizure was lawful.

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