Gate scares opponents Zwarte Piet not finished

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Opponents of Zwarte Piet let undeterred by the access gates with guards where parents and children need tomorrow through during the national arrival of Sinterklaas in Maassluis.


,, The protesters want to choose their own location and not allow put in a box, "says a spokeswoman for the campaign group Kick Out Zwarte Piet today.

Therefore they do not have an official notification from the municipality. ,, If we are pointed to a spot surrounded by agents, it feels like a limitation on our right to protest. We do not want. ''

The demonstrators left already know they want to be on the market, where the parade ends.,, We do not know if that is feasible, '' said the spokeswoman. ,, If we are more visible, ideally we stand together. ''

hundreds of police
Mayor Edo Rooster Maassluis announced the loopholes measure off yesterday , to prevent the demonstration Sinterklaas just like two years ago is out of control in Gouda. The municipality decided two places in the city to completely seal off with gates: the Town Hall Quay, where the packet boat arrives, and the market, where the tour of the Saint ends.

Earlier it was announced that hundreds of police officers are present when Nicholas set foot ashore. Haan mayor wants the "children's" especially not to disturb and will intervene if necessary. The police deployment will be similar to a risk of competition in professional football.

Black Pete
The Dutch People's Union (NVU), which argues in favor of maintaining Zwarte Piet, has been notified to the municipality. The NVU'ers are assigned a box at the height of the Zuiddijk.

Mayor welcomes Rooster St. around 12:00 in the outer harbor. Fifteen minutes later he sets foot on the Town Hall Quay followed a route through the historic center. At 13.15 will be closed to the live broadcast on the Market

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