Asscher: Loopholes Sinterklaas entry Maassluis outrageous

Gepubliceerd op 11 november 2016 om 14:00

Parents and children who visit the country tomorrow arrival of Sinterklaas in Maasland, must first pass through gates with guards. Outrageous, says Minister Asscher.

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Mayor Edo Haan Maassluis announced yesterday the measure. Earlier it was announced that hundreds of police officers are present when Nicholas set foot ashore. The municipality decided two places in the city to completely seal off with gates: the Town Hall Quay, where the packet boat arrives, and the market, where the tour of the Saint ends. Parents and children are there past security guards and gates.

The guards may ask to look into bags. Cock according to the measures are necessary in order to ensure safety. Two years ago the police picked up during the march into Gouda hundred people, because they feared a confrontation between pro- and anti Piet demonstrators.

Both sides are expected tomorrow again. The far-right Dutch People's Union (NVU) wants to maintain Zwarte Piet and signed her demonstration. They may stand along the route. The activist collective Kick Out Zwarte Piet is also to Maassluis, but deliberately not logged demonstration. ,, It's not a demonstration, we only express our opinion, "said a spokeswoman.

She says that the protesters "want to stand in a visible place. They want a peaceful protest.,, We have to go into our intended not to any provocations from the NCE. '' Minister Asscher, who recently on the buck discussion suggested that the Netherlands it can handle, "it calls" absurd and shameful "that such measures are necessary.

,, Whether you're for or against Zwarte Piet, there is no excuse to scold others rotten or worse. "The St Peter and Guild understands the decision of Mayor Haan.

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