Bewildered Ton Elias: I am not on candidates

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Ton Elias, vice president of the House of Representatives and prominent faction is not put on the list by the central administration of the VVD for the upcoming parliamentary elections. In a letter late Elias know it does not agree with the decision. He would have ,, too many enemies in the party. '


According to Elias (61) he has no party chairman Henry Keizer been told whoever they are.He will not knock it there ,, lack of adversarial '' is. Elias regrets that performance appraisals are always successful, and that there was no reason to suppose that he would not be on the list. ,, That pinches, to say. ''

His letter shows that Elias is worried about the future of the party. ,, True friends tell each other the truth at times. Not to damage, but in order to improve. "" Elias presupposes that too much contradiction is apparently no longer desired. ,, Only when we organize contradiction in our group, we can offer our role as a member of parliament and auditor of the government fulfill in good manner. Just when the government of our own color. ''

Commission survey ICT
Elias was chairman of the parliamentary committee of inquiry ICT. In a few weeks he gets on the French Embassy's highest award "Chevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Legion d'Honneur". Twice he took to be an attempt Second Chamber President. Internally, he narrowly lost the battle with Anouchka van Miltenburg. Earlier this year he fought with Khadija Arib, who became chairman.

The 61-year-old Elias is a uitsproken parliamentarian who controls the government of the person without any discrimination. In addition, he made no friends. As Chamber President he insisted that ministers speak clearly and primarily serving Dutch.

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