Inheriting Everink demands money from murder suspect's J.

Gepubliceerd op 11 november 2016 om 14:05

The heirs of the murdered Koen Everink have filed a lawsuit against Mark J., who is suspected Everink to have been killed. The heirs require the J. repay an amount of 26.050 euros.


Koen Everink borrowed a sum of 27,750 euros to the J. That would repay in up to thirteen times the wealthy businessman. The J. Everink learned to know in 2015 by professional tennis player Robin Haase, with whom the millionaire many marched. J. had since the end of 2014 coach Haase. Everink traveled to tournaments as "errand boy" for the tennis player.

The prosecution suspects the J. there Everink of having stabbed to death on 3 March this year in the villa of Everink in Bilthoven. The prosecution assumes that he did so because of his financial problems. The heirs want in any case the outstanding sum as soon as possible.According to reject them without the J. repay reason. He should pay only one installment.

The lawsuit is Wednesday, November 16th at 14.30 in the Utrecht court.

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