Sensors should help with problems on track by winter weather

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Thanks to wireless sensors on the train tracks can track manager ProRail rapidly reconstruct problems including through the winter. The sensors are connected to a special wireless communication network to allow remote, inter alia, the temperature, vibration, acceleration, barometric pressure and humidity can be measured.


,, We have in recent years around Utrecht Central tested with the sensors and which has turned out positive. We get in this way information quickly and can make adjustments where necessary. If the point heating is not working right, we get that through in the sensors. As a result, there is less chance of delays and can quickly adapt where necessary the timetable, '' said a spokesman for ProRail. ,, We will now look at where we can go places more sensors. ""

State Secretary Sharon Dijksma (Infrastructure) yesterday sent a letter to the Lower House by measures coming winter problems should occur on the track.

Leaf fall
This time of year, guarantees problems. Leaf fall and rain make sure that there is a kind of gunk on track, allowing trains glide and slower acceleration and braking. This regularly leads to annoying delays and cancellations of several trains.

NS and ProRail pull out all the stops to combat the smoothness on the track. Trees are pruned, leaves removed and fences placed along the track. ProRail has spread across the country teams, contractors and diesel locomotives are ready to intervene in exceptional weather conditions.

Also a special mixture is spread on routes where most smoothness occurs. This mixture contains sand and metal particles which destroy the smooth layer by the pressure of the wheels.

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