Housing developments boring, but indeed safe

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In residential areas is much less crime than in the rest of the Netherlands. The difference with the neighborhoods nearby is great.


According to research by the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS). Housing developments prove much safer than the rest of the country: in 2015 there were 1,000 residents in each 28 crimes instead. Nationally, the double (57 in 1000). Especially theft is less common (21 vs. 52 times per 1 000 inhabitants), but also there is less vandalism and violence.

The main cause is the demographics, says researcher Jan Latten of Statistics Netherlands.,, Residential areas are set up differently than the average residential apartments with more than average and many facilities for children. The population of residential areas is therefore a select group of 'What is called. More than half of the new housing residents are young families, the residents have a relatively high income.

Social control

Slats: ,, And those are groups of people who are less likely to be guilty of crimes '' But there is another explanation:. People in the Vinex also do more to prevent them from becoming victims. For example, one in five private alarm system (twice as many as in the major cities) and most have good working outdoor lighting. And that has an effect. Four out of 1,000 new housing residents were victims of burglary in 2015, compared with six in the Netherlands.

Criminologists warned in recent years of rising crime in residential areas, which would take over the city problems. But there appears nothing says Slats. ,, They are close to the big city, but the differences are very large. Probably also plays a role of social control: people know their neighbors more often than in the flats in the city, and keep an eye on each other ''.

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