Graves 900 Dutch soldiers inexplicably disappeared

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The war over 900 Dutch soldiers on the coast of Indonesia have disappeared due to unclear cause. It is about the wreck of the cruiser Hr. Ms. De Ruyter and Hr. Ms. Java and a large part of the destroyer Hr. Ms. Kortenaer.


Further research should reveal what happened to the ship - or rather war - has happened, writes Minister Jeanine Hennis of Defence to the House.

Sailor Grave

The ships were wrecked on February 27, 1942 during the Battle of the Java Sea during the war with Japan. In addition, more than 900 Dutch and more than 250 Indonesian soldiers killed. The disappearance of the watery grave earlier this year came to light during a diving expedition through the Karel Doorman Fund to the wrecks. The divers found it encouraging and sonar recordings show the imprint of ships on the sea floor.

The survivors and relatives are informed about the disappearance of the war. Defence stressed that it is important for survivors and relatives to find out what happened to the ships. The vessels were the grave of hundreds of people on board and they were of great historical value for the Netherlands.

Battle of the Java Sea

Our country has the American, Australian, British and Indonesian authorities informed of the disappearance. The Americans, Australians and Britons also fought in the Battle of the Java Sea.

It is prohibited under international law to violate war, let alone recover the ship, without the consent of the Netherlands. The international humanitarian law to protect war graves.

By Editors RTL News: Photo: Reuters

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