Mayor of Groningen: "Send stealing seekers accelerated the country '

Gepubliceerd op 15 november 2016 om 13:50

The thieving asylum seekers who make Groningen unsafe, should be expelled from the country accelerated. That says Mayor Peter den Oudsten against RTV Noord.


Groningen for several weeks plagued by "organized groups of asylum seekers' which, inter alia guilty of pocketing. Most of them come from safe countries. Den Oudsten confirms the Dagblad van het Noorden it especially for Moroccan asylum seekers are.

Because Morocco is a safe country, they do not win a residence permit, but their procedure they have to wait in the refugee center.

Also Dutch and Eastern Europeans

"There's quite a few arrests and the town it is also analyzing the police," said Den Oudsten against the newspaper. According to the mayor's not just about North Africans, but there have recently also picked up Dutch and Eastern Europeans. "But you can not deny that there are also many North Africans are caught."

Den Oudsten found that the wrong way use is made of the asylum procedure. "These people ruin it for the rest ," he told RTV Noord.

Accelerated to court

Incidentally, the Groningen mayor opposed by the law in his desire. "When people are arrested again for theft we can not just turn off," he says. Let him know 'everything necessary' to do to stop this. Asylum seekers are accelerated brought to justice.

The robbers in Groningen go especially during nights out on the street. They act in an organized and often work in the same ways. For example, people approached on the street in front of a fire, while another rolling secondary victim. Another common way is that a victim is trapped in the street by a group, after which it is rolled. There are now additional active agents.

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