Damrak 36 re-deployment of escalating feud

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The building that once blootcafé Teasers Damrak marred, again deploying an escalating feud. The owners are in dispute with their lender.


Lang was pub Teasers municipality an eyesore. Damrak 36 is one of the first buildings that get to see many visitors to Amsterdam and precisely where scantily clad women serving mugs of beer to mostly drunken tourists. Not exactly the image of the 'red carpet'.

But the owners of Cafe Teasers, the Baghdad-born brothers, Sabah (49) and Salman (40) Nissan, did officials at City Hall last frown: until 2007 the brothers were able to convince the community of their business bona fide and were transparent. More than ten years had the municipality them correctly seen as puppets of criminals.

At war
Teasers bar ditch and continued the brothers Nissan, already with the Italian restaurant The Alley.

Although the town lets them years alone, there are worries again for the brothers, who are now also owns the Museum in the PC Hooftstraat. They have a fight with a former business partner: lawyer and real estate entrepreneur Frits Boers (59), which also operates many years, numerous slots in Amsterdam.

After joint hospitality adventures in Florida and the brothers find themselves Boers Nissan now at war with each other.

The conflict that Monday the court has been submitted, runs roughly as follows: Boers leased until 2008, the building on the Damrak to the brothers Nissan.

After Boers had announced its intention to use the cafe itself, the brothers Nissan saw no other solution than to buy the property. Money for banks and not they, however, did not then do business with them because of their bad reputation.

And so the Nissan concluded a loan of nearly 6 million. Lender: the seller, Boers themselves. On that loan is fuss. Both sides fought earlier conflicts in the courtroom. Boers not respond to requests for comment.

Smoke screen
The Nissan's requirements at the right rate cut now which is low everywhere. Boers refused to negotiate and continues with 5.5 percent interest. He argues that the brothers started their Italian restaurant without consultation. That would be the "nature of things" have changed, what Boers gives the right to terminate the loan.

Result: not suffer from the decline in interest rates and keeps the million building.
According to Nissan, the Boers therefore do and the rest is nothing more than a smokescreen.

Now the Damrak has been refurbished, the brothers from their restaurant menu what changed, but an entirely new design of the building is no question, says their lawyer: "English breakfast hot today might calzone inglese, but it's still just beans with bacon. "

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