Ted (54) was abused as a child and abused: "I had become an empty shell '

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She was psychologically abused by her parents, neglected and sexually abused. "I've always felt that I was worthless," says the 54-year-old Ted Kloosterboer. "Take my 36th I realized: it was not me."


Every day Ted got from her mother told her was an accident. She was ugly, thick and was not allowed to laugh at pictures, because its ugly teeth were visible. At the same time she became her 5th to 8th raped her by her father. They never talked about it with others. "My father said if you tell it, everyone is very angry with you, then we will move and let you here alone.".

"I am the youngest," says Ted. "When I was born, my parents' marriage was already very bad. There were separate much tension in the house and on my 8th went my parents both my father and mother drank too much.. I was very happy, for it the rapes stopped. "


What did not stop was the neglect by her mother. "There was no attention or love for the kids," Ted explains. "My mother did nothing but sit on a chair in the room. Me and my five brothers and sisters ran the household." Ironing, washing, shopping, cooking, doing everything normally parents since the kids were running for. "And never was good when I was baking potatoes, my mother came up behind me and said,. If your sister they bake, they are well browned."

To the outside world, her parents kept up appearances by. "Once there was visiting, my mother ran back and forth through the house and she pretended she was busy. Both my father and mother were the outside world very happy and friendly people," says Ted. "And we were like children too. Because of my home situation, I felt that I was a terrible child and I did everything to hide those slechtigheid. That's why I was laughing on the outside, while I of feeling in very different . "


Because she was young and her sisters and brothers already fled the house at 15/16 years of age, Ted only years lived with her mother. "A terrible time." Even when she left the house, Ted continued to look up her mother out of duty. Humiliating went through and never showed her mother the slightest interest in her. "I remember when my sister phoned me in amazement." What could happen anyway, "she said." Mom asked me how it went! ' "

At a given moment the Ted became too much. "I had become an empty shell. I had no connection with my feelings. If someone put a hand on my arm, I felt that hand anymore. Only when I looked at my arm, I knew I was touched. When I was about 26, I attempted suicide. " Ted was recorded and followed for ten years therapy. During that time sought her mother any time on.

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