Police action at entry Sinterklaas gets tail

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The Sinterklaas entry Rotterdam Maassluis and get a tail. Angry activists and announce a lawyer complaints, the Rotterdam council wants a debate and a fan waits for an answer to his angry email.


Rotterdam, with the end of the Saturday 198 arrests on the counter. For the children who were waiting for the holy man, it was a festive day. Others remained an unpleasant aftertaste, as a part of the Rotterdam politics. At the request of the PvdA, SP, Nida and coalition party D66 argues the Rotterdam city council Thursday about the mass arrest of 193 protesters anti-buck.

,, I want clarification, '' said Labour councilor Marco Heijmen. ,, Now it seems you can not come to your mind in Rotterdam. While that is a fundamental right that must be respected. "Signal" According Heijmen must 'be taken seriously that the protesters are dealt harshly.The PvdA says it wants to avoid the discussion "just so long simmering 'as the controversial arrest of 312 Feyenoord supporters earlier this year at a rally for the Kuip. ,, That debate took far too long, with the result that more and more questions arose. ''

Lawyer Michiel Pestman who was arrested in Rotterdam when he wanted activist Jerry Afriyie listed, has some of the answers ready. According to him no one will be punished, as in the protest march. ,, Everyone is unlawfully detained, but I know the police and that too.They wanted everyone keep away from the entrance. ''


One suspect is still in custody. He would have given a push to a reporter at a crosswalk when there just came a car. The others were offered a settlement. The prosecution later decide about what happens to those who refused this settlement. Afriyie has a call for justice.

Pestman will do so also file a complaint about his arrest and his clients. According to the lawyer heard activists Kick Out Zwarte Piet only in Rotterdam that there was a noodbevel force. Imposed after information came that demonstrators wanted to Rotterdam. Everything was designed to prevent a confrontation in children between supporters and opponents.

The Maassluise Mayor Edo Haan said the arrests in Rotterdam earlier disappointing. ,, We can arrange it just right in Maassluis. '' However, the anti-buck activists did not want to just stand as advocates in a box. Haan himself also an angry message waiting for his answer.Rozenburger Loek Rochus, help Santa Claus, was not welcome at the Maassluise party, with no small children with her. ,, It just public is too ridiculous that there could not be with? '

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