Rutte in the defense to call with Trump

Gepubliceerd op 15 november 2016 om 15:03

Prime Minister Mark Rutte has had to defend his call today with the upcoming US presidential Donald Trump. Under criticized here more D66 leader Alexander Pechtold. That was a statement by Rutte on Facebook about the content of the conversation meaningless and limp.


Pechtold would have preferred that Rutte was critical in his interview with Trump. The Prime Minister was talking about values such as democracy, freedom and respect for others have said the D66 party leader in the House. Michiel Servaes MP from ruling party PvdA called the declaration meaningless and disappointing.

Rutte called it unwise to immediately point the finger. ,, So you need to build a relationship and you do not look after the Dutch interests, '' he said. ,, You throw immediately shut the door. ''

Rutte made yesterday to have succeeded with Donald Trump said on Facebook. ,, We both stressed the importance of continued close cooperation between our countries. The United States and the Netherlands are loyal allies and good friends, "said the Prime Minister.

According to Rutte, the "historical, cultural and economic ties between the Netherlands and the US committed 'and that is confirmed in the interview. The prime minister wants to keep the cooperation in position to continue creating jobs and to tackle common problems.

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