Dijkhoff delete leaving bonus Moroccans

Gepubliceerd op 15 november 2016 om 15:51

State Dijkhoff (Asylum) want as quickly as possible deleting the departure bonus for rejected asylum seekers from Morocco and Algeria. Asylum seekers from North Africa at present are a nuisance below Groningen, recent weeks have certainly picked up seven of them for pickpocketing.


Asylum seekers who have no residence permit in the Netherlands and leave voluntarily weather can meekrijgen a bonus of up to 1950 euros. This year turned out that the money for asylum seekers, inter alia, Albania is a reason to come to the Netherlands. The government scrapped upon which departure bonus. In recent months the number of asylum seekers rises from Morocco and Algeria. Their applications are generally outgunned Netherlands because these two countries sees as safe. Dijkhoff will also give them more money in return.

The mayor of Groningen complained Tuesday morning in the Dagblad van het Noorden about the inconvenience experienced by his city of North African asylum seekers. In his city in recent weeks, seven Moroccans and Algerians arrested for pickpocketing. Some of them stay in the asylum seekers' center in Ter Apel, where each new applicant should report.Mayor Peter den Ouden believes that the long asylum procedure is a part of the problem.He wants hopeless asylum hearing within a day or two that their request was rejected.

Dijkhoff the procedure for people from safe countries such as shortened, but it may take several weeks before there is a decision. After that the problem Moroccans difficult to put out because Morocco refuses to cooperate in return. The Minister hopes that the deletion of the return fee discourages people to come to the Netherlands. A large part of the North Africans who came to the Netherlands in recent months, vreog before that asylum in Germany. When they did not have a license, they moved on to the Netherlands.

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