Billionaire George Soros declares war on Trump?

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Be the negative reactions to the earnings of Donald Trump hardly separated from the influence of the billionaire George Soros. His name pops up everywhere. As leader of the "resistance." As 'organizer' of protests. And as lender of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. But who is he really?


It is no secret that supports the influential George Soros, Hillary Clinton. For her campaign billionaire donated many millions of dollars. The question is whether Soros was born in Hungary will now take a step further to leverage Donald Trump limit. The man among the thirty richest people in the world and has close links with influential politicians such, business and trade unions.

A first step towards organized resistance against Trump seems already put. According to US media Soros will meet with other influential liberals in the next three days behind closed doors about the election victory of Donald Trump and the consequences of that choice of the American people. On the agenda discussions would be about 100 day plan from Trump and the new rate to get the Democrats returned to power. According to the organization of the discussions are the plans of Trump a "terrifying attack" on progress made by President Obama.

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930 and had to deal both with the atrocities of the Nazis and the Russian domination. He emigrated to England where he studied, but moved in 1956 to the United States. His money he earned with his work as a stockbroker and several hedge funds. He speculated with so much money against the British pound in 1992 that the government had to devalue the pound. Soros held there about a billion dollars on.

Soros is known as a philanthropist. If money he donates through his Open Society Foundations, he is guided by his ideology. He is pro-European, pro-democracy and anti-corruption. He maintains close ties with the Democratic Party in the United States. In 2003 he gave all that he would use all his power to prevent that George Bush would come to power. Much later he threw a large amount in the election fund of Barack Obama.

Soros has in the past been able to make a difference. The wealthy man would have had a significant impact on the peaceful transition from communism, including by supporting intellectuals in the countries occupied by the Soviet Union. He gave people in Hungary who asked for democracy a voice and in other Eastern European countries, he donated large universities to invest in "future leaders".

Opposition to Trump will require a different approach. The co-financed by Soros website is now a petition appeared to change the electoral system in the United States. Due to the current system of electoral votes could Trump, despite a minority of voices, still winning. The petition wants an election based on the total of individual votes.The site also calls for protest against the "agenda of hatred" by Trump.

George Soros seems now mainly focusing on broad opposition to the influence of Donald Trump. He is with influential people already working on the next election. The Democrats in the United States than according to Soros must have an answer to the discontent.

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