OM decided "with conviction" to prosecute Wilders

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The trial against Geert Wilders' struggle according to prosecutor Forest two fundamental values ​​for priority: non-discrimination and freedom of expression.


At the beginning of his closing speech said the prosecutor restricted freedom of expression by the prohibition of discrimination. Wood pointed out that the Public Prosecutor criminal obliged to enforce the prohibition of discrimination. "Full of conviction", the OM decided to prosecute Wilders said Bos.

Forest officer said that the motive of the prosecutor in this case is to maintain the democratically adopted penal code. Considerations such as this process comes too late, or that Wilders can claim a martyrdom, count for the OM not count, said the officer. He recalled that the Netherlands has signed the UN Rassenwet, which prohibits discrimination. Other international treaties oblige Netherlands to intervene in this matter, says the OM.

The prosecution is expected to formulate a sentencing tomorrow.

Forest also read statements for people who find Wilders's statements frightening. Such statements speak for themselves, said Bos.

Geert Wilders two businessmen are accused of group defamation and incitement to discrimination. It is in particular to two statements by Wilders, done in March 2014. On March 12, he said that "if possible, there should be fewer Moroccans in The Hague."

A week later, he asked to come in a Hague cafe or more or less Moroccans. When chanted "less, less," Wilders said, "then we'll arrange it." With that statement Wilders according to the OM gone further than his statements about Muslims and Islam. Now he put a whole population gone, said Officer Forest.

The latter statements of March 19, according to the OM were not spontaneous expressions of the moment, but thought out and planned in advance. From witness statements it made OM moreover that Wilders's speech has set the rules of classical rhetoric.

During the closing speech Geert Wilders said on Twitter that officer Bos on behalf of the government, just as happens in Turkey, wants to shut him up.

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