Police chief security steps after critical report

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The head of the Police Safety and Security (DBB) gets up after a critical report on this section of the National Unity National Police.


It's been more restless in the Service Safety and Security, the police union NPB has brought out earlier. Employees complain about excessive workload, a diseased atmosphere, lack of confidence in the management and abuse of privileges such as the private use of official cars by the leadership.

External research

To find out what's wrong, has done an external agency investigation into the affairs of the service. The findings are this afternoon discussed with stakeholders. Police van den Berg of the National Unity says the report shows that "changes and reforms are needed to become the organization we want to be."

She says to have appreciation for the Head of the Safety and Security, but that there are "different emphasis on the leadership" should be laid. The officer stepped up remains actively involved in the national security tasks of the police.

Personal Security

According to police the safety of the persons to be protected, never been in dispute by the unrest within the service. Coming months reforms should bring back the rest.

The police are divided into ten regional units and a national unit dedicated to combating organized crime and serious cross-regional crime.

The NIS Editors: Photo: Reuters

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