Democratic revolution a la Trump in France?

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She is convinced that she can be president of France; Marine Le Pen, leader of the populist right party National Front, opens today in the middle of Paris a new campaign office.


Today, the French voters have also a choice again. Former minister Emmanuel Macron this morning announced that he on behalf of his movement and Marche! (Forward!) Candidate for the presidency.

The contrast between the two events is large today. Le Pen settles with its head office in an upscale neighborhood near the presidential palace, the Elysée. Macron just choose a suburb in the north of Paris for his announcement.

Donald Trump victory in the US can be a huge boost for the right-wing populism in France.Le Pen sees in him a kindred spirit and sees his presidency as a boost for her party. She was one of the first to Trump "and the free American people" congratulated on his victory.And she says that "after the American victory, French politics is not the same again."

At the press conference of Macron this morning focussed on "hope", "confidence" and a "democratic revolution".

blocked politics

Correspondent Frank Renout talks in Paris Macron not yet concrete proposals as to how he wants to change the "blocked French politics. "Macaroons social-liberal attitude in France is not very popular. But the politician Macron is very popular. He is in the top three of the French politicians who prefer to see as president, "said Renaut.

On the right of French politics, the choice of a presidential candidate is not made yet. There are seven candidates who participate on behalf of the party Lesson Républicains. Tomorrow they are going to debate with each other for the last time. Sunday November 20th, the first round of their primaries. A week later the second round and know who won. Former President Nicolas Sarkozy and former Prime Minister Alain Juppé standing in the polls at the top.

The French presidential election will also be held in two rounds. There can be voted on April 23 and May 7th. Or the incumbent president joins Hollande, is not yet known. He has until mid-December to run for the Socialist Party.

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